About Mission Video

Thanks for checking out Mission Video. We provide professional grade video and audio services at a price point much lower than you might expect. As a matter of fact, the standard pricing for our services is readily available for your inspection. Go ahead; compare these prices with similar providers. And what’s even more exciting? A revolutionary approach many of these services available in a totally online experience. So how can we do this so inexpensively?

Owner Joe KNIGHT has enjoyed a varied career as minister, author, musician, police officer and music for advertising business owner. Joe has written and produced broadcast and social media commercials for every size business from local to corporate giants such as Hammons hotels, Tyson Foods and General Foods. He has also produced hundreds of videos for church use and dozens of full length recording projects. He has been involved in all aspects of advertising from script writing to post production.

Mission Video boasts a fully supplied video postproduction and multitrak digital recording environment, yet we are neither a production house nor a powerhouse advertiser. Our business is one on one… personal. Perfectly suited for East Texas. We do, however leverage a lifetime of experience in multiple careers along with musical and technical giftedness leveraged to produce a superior, yet low cost solution for your video/audio needs. So why are we offering this service?

After parallel careers in the ministry and law enforcement, Joe encountered a life-changing experience when their son Matt was diagnosed with cancer while in his third year of Bible College. Joe resigned from his church and his law enforcement agency to pursue a ministry of sharing Matt’s story of hope. That’s the “Mission” in “Mission Video”. He founded this company to create an income stream to enable their ministry to continue. You can learn more about this mission at www.joeknight.us.

Your partnership with Mission Video begins with a free, no obligation consultation from which a script and simple storyboard are produced. Only then and on your approval, when you have determined the product that best suits you, will you make any financial commitment. No surprises. What you agree to is exactly what you will pay. Terms are 50% on script/storyboard approval, and 50% on product availability.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us by email or give us a text or call. Let’s see how Mission Video can benefit your business or organization, while at the same time help share a message of hope with a hurting world.